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Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, has travelled all around the globe sharing the good news and the three angels' messages from Korea, India, the Philippines, to Australia, Colombia, and New York City — which is remarkable considering that at one point he was living in a cave as a hermit!

As the teenage son of a millionaire father and a show business mother, he had everything money could buy — everything but happiness. He used drugs, fought at school, and rebelled against all authority. Disgusted with this life and convinced it had no purpose, Doug was determined to grab all the fun and excitement he could find no matter the consequences.

So even though his father owned a yacht, a Learjet, and an entire airline, Doug eventually found himself scavenging for food in garbage bins. The happiness and peace he so longed for continu
ed to elude him year after year … until …  

One day he found and began to read a dust-covered Bible that a fellow “searcher” had left in his cave in the hills high above Palm Springs. And what happened next can only be described as a miracle!

A Modern-day Miracle
Today, Pastor Doug is the president of Amazing Facts, an international Christian multimedia ministry sharing the gospel around the world through such diverse ministries as television and radio, the internet, Bible schools, live local and international evangelism, publishing, outreach training, and much more!  

Doug Batchelor can be seen weekly on such programs as Amazing Facts Presents, Everlasting Gospel, and Central Study Hour. His radio program Bible Answers Live airs on more than 250 radio stations across North America and on satellite radio around the world. He can also be heard on a new radio program called Wonders in the Word.

Pastor Doug is well-known for his unique ability to communicate not only to church-oriented people, but also to the millions of secular-minded people — young and old. And by God’s grace and Holy Spirit, his down-to-earth approach to teaching and living the Christian life speaks to people in profound and life-transforming ways.

Pastor Doug is the author of many books, including:  The Richest Caveman, To See the King, The Last Elijah Message, Broken Chains, and The Truth About Mary Magdalene. He is also host of The Final Events of Bible Prophecy, a DVD documentary about earth’s last days, with more than one million distributed around the world.

His wife, Karen, and children support him in his ministry in Sacramento, California, where he also serves as Senior Pastor of Sacramento Central Church.

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